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Soft Skin with Hair Removal

How long have you been hiding unsightly body hair? Isn’t it time for you to stop covering up and start baring deliciously smooth, hair-free skin? Show off your skin and let Dr. Ivan L. Breed remove that unwanted hair.


At Ivan L. Breed, M.D., we can exfoliate all your problem areas including your chin, back, bikini area, stomach, neck, or breasts.

Permanent hair reduction

Experience the advanced elōs™ hair reduction system that can permanently reduce your unsightly hair, saving you time and money. It works on almost all hair color and skin tones, including lighter colored hair.

Put our locally owned and operated company with 10 years of experience in your corner.

Flawless skin

Dr. Breed is board-certified. Call to schedule your appointment:


Remove unsightly hair

Replace unsightly hair with smooth skin by using elōs™.


•   Upper lip, cheeks, and chin

•   Neck, breasts, and stomach

•   Arms, shoulders, and back

•   Legs and bikini area

Stomach Hairless face

Abolish unwanted hair

Enjoy safety, convenience, and comfort

  • Minimal to no discomfort (individual experience can vary)

  • Permanent hair reduction

  • No sedation or surgery

  • No loss of work or family time

How does hair removal with elōs™ work?

The technology of elōs™ (electro-optical synergy) uses a unique combination of radio frequency and light to isolate the treatment area and leave the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects.


Using gentle pulses of two targeted energies means better results with lower overall energy output — assuring the highest level of safety and comfort. Other systems using only one energy source can’t compare.

Is hair removal with elōs™ right for you?

Permanent hair reduction can be achieved for both men and women, and almost all body areas can be treated. Only elōs is proven to remove lighter colored hair, on all skin tones.

When can you expect to see results?

Hair growth is reduced with each treatment. Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments for you to see the difference.


The total number of treatments required is based on your hair color and type, body area, and skin tone. During your initial consultation, Dr. Breed will personalize your treatment schedule for maximum results.